Are you considering taking the plunge and starting a business abroad?

If so, you're in the right place!

Today we'll be discussing the seven advantages of starting a business abroad, and why it might be the right move for you.

From gaining access to new markets to taking advantage of lower living cost, read on to learn more about the potential benefits of going global with your business!

1. Low cost of living.

It can be half of the living. Crazy to drain $12k every 6mo just to be breathing. That's not much if you're a fulltime employee. Once on saving, that hurts. Running cost is a choke point. Staying low is good.

2. Dynamism.

Emerging countries have positivism. New malls are getting developed, downtown is changing, salaries are increasing every year, e-commerce's just starting, and local movie directors're finally happening. You can get infinite inspirations for your creative ideas.

3. Easy Hiring.

Not every country is lucky to have Google's headquarter. If there's one multinational, lucky you. The young are desperate to find foreign jobs. You'll find hungry young people trying to prove themselves and gain experience. A perfect recipe for new business.

4. Young Demographic.

Everything is about risk hedge in aging countries (ie: all developed countries from Europe to Asia). Seen from Covid restriction, Seen from E-scooters ban in Toronto. How can you get elderlies to buy new products?

5. Network opportunity.

Picking a minor country, you'll inevitably stand out. Being different visually is the first step of networking, whether that're fellow entrepreneurs or investors. Network and learn from them.

6. Focus.

J.K Rolling famously stayed in a hotel to complete her Harry Potter. Social destruction is a real obstacle to success. At the same time, you want to show care to your friends/family. Working abroad is a perfect excuse to focus on your venture without appearing asshole.

7. Simply fun!

New culture, new world. You can technically have the good of both worlds: spend 10h a day building your venture, and spend the evening 2h on cultural exploration.