While my goal was not to live the freedom or dream job I'd like, the book offered many anecdtotal experience with financial information. The book has been around for 10 years. This concept of working from anywhere at your own peace has become more mainstream (especially now with digital nomad movement and youtubing became the number one job people want). Even so, the book serves as a classic providing many narratives many of which does not include programming.

The huge con of reading this book today is the online landscape has changed quite a lot since 2012. Chris Guillebeaue didn't focus on how to put your product in customers' doorstep, because I imagine it was much easier back then. You launch something and people came. In 2022, no one cares about you tweet or amatuer youtube videos because there're so much content out there. In that aspect, Gary Vee would be a better guideline for today's hustler. Even if you launch online website, it is much harder to have it discovered. There's no simply an organic reach today. That is a necessary adjustment you need to make while reading this book.

I liked that his research was inconclusive on whether to build a team or go solo. That really comes down to your preference for growth opportunity vs control.