Book Anthro-vision

This is another book where she's successfully cashed out of the impossible humanity major to make money on. These people start off their career writing, realize there's no money, try to make their names through writing a book, and shifting their work into high-paid consultancy. If you are successful in that transition, good for you. For all the others, anthropology will remain a low-paid degree to go into.

In her case, she's packaged anthropology academia to a more business friendly application. They usually start off as demeaning engineers/managers/financial analysts as people who don't understand human beings to justify their own existence.

Anthropology, which turned out as useful at explaning what has happened. But it'll have very little predictive behaivor. The importance fails at pale compared to entrepreneurs actually testing the value offering.

After reading this book, I came to be convinved more than ever anthropology is a niche subject most young peopl shouldn't be studying for. What she mentions about respect for local rituals and culture can be easily attained by traveling to foreigin culture for a few months.

Similar terminologies popup from time to time: emotional intelligence, empathetic design, user experience, human centered design, etc. They all mean the same thing. Observe humans well.