I took this book with ZERO expectation. It'd be another pop psychology book that tells you the money isn't important and live your life valuing social life. But the book came out very pragmatic. I particularly liked his description about gratification (flow). Seligman describes flow as a state where your emotion and consciousness are not interfering because you are in the right position. That's when the sense of time stops. It is the state when you are experiencing psychological growth. Pleasure is consumption on the other hand. I knew it somewhere about the two. But being clearly outlined makes my understanding richer.

I also liked his concept of win-win. That word seems to belong in economics and capitalism. But Saligman describes that's the fundamental concept for social growth. When you are having win-win relationship, you are feeling positive because everyone grows from that relationship. His description is very realistic and truthful even though I hear countless time the pleasure should be derived from giving. That makes him a true psychologist.