The concept is borrowed from now-hot racial movement. The narrative goes that if you are born with the certain colors, it shapes how you view the world. Being the minority member in North America myself, I can relate to that. I do meet not that rarely with people who want to bring up stories related to Asia, even though I have no affiliations with them. Your appearance changes the way people treat you, in which has a positive feedback loop on its own of your perception.

Race is something that comes inborn. It rarely changes. In the similar category, there's an attraction.

Is there a fundamental difference in how we perceive the world based on how beautiful and handsome you look?

A big hypothesis is this: if you are born with an attractive face, people will treat you nice. They will smile a lot. In turn, you learn to trust people. You start to think people are good.

This investigation will also be very timely. Suicide rates among girls from 10 to 14 is on the rise. It's risen by a staggering 12.7% annually. That is likely the who's prettier game they are playing. Before you could be the prettiest in the classroom of 30. Now you'll open up and compete against 1 billion others. That is an insane competition. Yet, the direct feedback on your look is more visible today than ever. You share selfies with your friends and compare how many likes you receive.

That's the game teenagers are playing. If you're on the winning side, you think people at the global level likes you. She'd think people are happy to share their attentions and leave love on them. If your selfie photo falls dead silent on the other hand, you're left in the forever silent world.

The school wants to brush off that there's no such thing as ugly people. But when there's beauty, there's ugly as well. This is something we shouldn't brush off casually especially in the age of online media.

I'm planning on do an investigative research on this topic. I'm hoping to discover the subjective reality that surrounds on your attractiveness. In the mean time, I am hoping what you can do to higher the chance of winning the game in social world that's undetachable from the attraction.