Compared to his other book Abundance, this book is catered towards entrepreneurs. He gives out a detail plan of how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign as well as building an online community. The detail was step by step. And every page on those chapters was worth taking notes.

For example, you need to take 5 team members: celebrity, campaign manager, tech expert, graphic designer, and IT guy. He shared how he launched his campaign, raised $1 million, and covered 1/3 cost for the space telescope.

As for inspiration, I did like Teller's idea of shooting for 10x improvement which will end up 2x in the reality. He says that's better than aiming for 2x only to settle down in 5%. Another idea is Musk's saying about the first principle that staves you off from the crowd thinking. And he says to think probabilistically. We think doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is a definition of insanity. But in the probablistic world, that's not the case. Although they are both not Peter's original idea, this is a beautiful mentality to have.

Given that crowdsourcing was trendy at the time, the content did gear towards global internet gig work type ideas, which is still relevant today. I do note however that he's missed out on the crypto movement. So it suffices to say reading this book would not have made you a Bitcoin millionaire.

After Reading

From the book, aiming for 10x improvement most resonated with me. I'm excited to envision what startup ideas I can persuade in the coming decade.